Support us to buy our first Book

Support us to buy our first Book
Best side book for physics class 9.

Author and founder

Hii my name is Aditya Raj Anand. Author and founder of I am currently work on as SEO manager. I do content SEO and and make it for rank as much as high possible. I also runs Some websites. My education qualification is mathematics from Mithila University Darbhanga. I completed my SEO course from online platform and learn how SEO works. without SEO, even an informative content don't rank. And with SEO a non-informative content can rank. This is the power of SEO. Believe me I tested it from 2 years.

Born on:- 18 January 2002

Occupation:- founder of

Websites:- science laws

Education:- bachelor of science in mathematics. From Lalit Narayan Mithila University.

 Others:- Own learn_onlymathematics a instagram page. In digital field from 2018.

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