science and technology essay

science and technology essay

science and technology essay
Aditya Raj Anand
Thursday, 5 March 2020
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science and technology essay these two words are the backbone of development of Earth. Technology is not complete without science

They both are interconnected. Now a days our society, our country, our whole Earth is developing very fast in the field of technology just because of science.This is not wrong at all if I said science is our life and science is everywhere. If you look around where you stand you can see many stuff around you which carries science and science laws inside itself. 

If you see any natural cause around you like common cause raining, lightning, sunrise, sun set a general observation on earth carried out science laws and scientific reasons. I can just say that this is an endless topic (science and technology). This can never be end and not complete all the science laws and scientific reasons in any long article or essay, but you have a proper and different knowledge about science and technology.

 So I will try to cover more and more clarity about science and technology in just a few words so you can write an essay in easy way in a few words and your intention will be fulfilled to come to this website.where you find all the possible science theories  and all the practical science laws as possible.
Hi my name is Aditya Raj Anand so let's start.

science and technology essay

essay on science and technology in 100 words.

science and technology essay

science and technology both are the widely used words. Everyone heard about that in his or her life. Science and technology both are just as twins brother or we can say one soul two bodies hahaha.
Science is world and world is science.

you can also say that, actually we covered with science and technology. our life depend on science and technology. we can't imagine life without science and technology. it is very difficult now to spend life without science and technology. science and technology plays very important role in our life. we woke up in the morning due to alarm we go to bed after watching TV mobile.

We are travelling by bus train to the whole world. We can communicate to other people, entertain, we can connect to the whole world from a specific place, we can do all these things just because of science and technology, without science and technology life becomes painful hard in now a day. now scientist discovered the existence of life outside the Earth. this happens just because of science and technology which we have. now in future will have much more better technology to the compare of now.

science and Technology essay 2 in 250 words.

science and technology essay

Today science and technology have developed a lot. We can't spend life even a day without science and technology. Science and technology becomes our daily needs. Our body needs oxygen for living as same our life needs science and technology for living. We can't imagine life without science and technology.

 We can go anywhere on the earth because of science and technology. Even we can go outside the Earth due to science and technology. scientist found the existence of life outside the earth or other planet with the help of science and technology. Science and technology comfort our life.

If we talk about only technology we have many technology right now. Also we have advanced technology for make life easy of human beings. Like our phone, a widely used device or commonly used device by almost all peoples. now a mobile phone plays an important role in our life, without mobile phone life becomes hard, extreme hard. now mobiles is using by millions of peoples.

 we can communicate to other people which is far off distance from another people in just a second just because of science and technology. we can chat, talk face to face, video call just in a single click by mobile. actually science and technology improved our life.

 we can save our life just because of science and technology. earth has limited number of natural resource which is very important to existence of life on Earth for human beings. now due to population and many other stuff natural resource shot down. so it will be difficult to exist on earth but we have advanced science and advanced technology to fulfill this defect, but we have worry a little about. we have to save natural resource.

essay on science and technology in 300 words

The 21st century is going to be the era of science and technology. The invention which has completely changed the life-style of the people. In this modern day of computer, the computer has, in recent years, triggered a new phase of development of mankind. the potentials of the computer are so vast.

The 20th century was totally dependent on computers and the list of the functions which computer performs for man includes business transactions, education, communications and like is endless. In this age of science and technology, when the technology revolution has turned the world into a global village. Today communication is power, communication is money, fun, entertainment and intelligence.

communication satellites have also made a significant contribution towards the development of communication network. Recently a global communication giant which has a constellation of 65 satellites, has launched its global mobile personal calling service(GMPCS) all over the world including India just because of science and technology.

The present age is the age of science and technologies. with the introduction of new technologies, the dimensions of communication system will also change and the time is not far when people will be putting through their calls from the Moon and other planets as if they wil speaking from the next room.

 Today, we are simply overwhelmed by the vast possibilities of new technologies, a whole new range of user-friendly computers, optic fibre, ISDN, Computer graphics, CD-ROMS, MDTV and many more.

the result of technology revolution is that all the future business will be online.This development has lead to the growth of new concept called e-commerce. With the simple push of a button the entire shoppers list will be appear on the screen from where they can order the products of their choice. This is not possible without science and technology.

Science and technology essay in 800 words

Science and technology has changed our life. Technology is not possible without science. We can't imagine how hard our life would be without science. Now a day we are totally dependent on technology. But technology has its own advantage and disadvantage. We can't ignore them. 

But we will today discuss about advantage of science and technology. 
The biggest advantage of science and technology are it gives us computer and electricity .

 Computer and electricity and one of the major inventions by human beings. So in this age of science and technology there will be less if we talk about computer and electricity. But still we will discuss about computer and electricity in more detail.

Computer is an electronic processing machine. It works more or less like the human brain and brings forth results at a marvellous speed. It has an era of automation. the basic feature of a computer is that it performs logical operations on inputs and yields answer according to programmed instruction during the last two decades of 20th century, the world seems to have undergone a computer revolution in which information processing and tribals is being done at an incredible speed.

Charles Babbage was the first man to think of a machine which could stored and produced logarithmic tables way back in the mid-nineteenth century. Today, computer has become the cornerstone of our industrial growth. it has not only helped in increasing industrial production but the internet and information Highway has also helped in the percolation and transmission of information to peoples rooms. robots are being used in the study of active volcanoes in oceanography and in space research areas where provide inhospitable climates for human entry.

But is computer a boon or a bane? open Mansa divided on this question computers might replace human in certain specific areas. Computers will be specific to those areas in which progress has been hampered by the limitations of the human body. Computers might solve humanity's most pressing problems like energy crisis, machines programmed to work in AIDs, cancer research, etc. And might arrived at answers which are at present imperceivable to us.

Computer is no doubt a great creation. But we should also remember that "human existence is based upon two pillars compassion and knowledge. Compassion without knowledge is ineffective and knowledge without compassion is in human". the thought process going on within the protoplasmic computer in our skulls will not stop here, bird continue to produce things that would enhance human capabilities and make man's life on earth better and happier.

Electricity is one of the modern age. it is used for doing many things. In cities we have electric light. the switch is moved and the whole town becomes lighted. 

there is a power-house for supplying electricity. the power-house generates electricity which is sent to different places through wires. Now, villagers are also having electric light. electricity is used not only for producing light but also for many other purposes. 

Lamps and tapers have lost their importance. In there places men use electric light. we have now electric fans, electric lifts etc. In cities like Kolkata and Delhi there are electric tramp-car. In many countries trains run with the help of electricity. wireless works with electricity. mills required engines which work with electricity. It helps in printing papers and sending news. it is used for cooking foods and for curing diseases. Hydroelectricity has been discovered which can pump water from rivers to irrigate fields.

The government of India is working on many rivers projects. If success is achieved, people will drive great benefit. but atomic energy is more powerful than electricity.

electricity has got its dark side also. it has made life artificial. it has brought unemployment. electric currents often destroyed human life.

It appears that man will depends upon electricity for everything. If that really happens, men will become a machine and life will have no future. 

Disadvantage of science and technology

  • it has made life artificial
  • it has brought unemployment
  • electric currents often destroyed human life
  • man will depends upon electricity for everything
  • men will become a machine and life will have no future

Essay on science and technology in 1000 words

Science and technology both plays a vital role in our life. Even in our day to day life. Our environment covered with science and technology. Now, a day human totally dependent on technology. The biggest reason behind this dependency is comfort and ease. Technology makes our life easier and comfortable. For example, Before 10 to 15 years ago there were no any tele communication or communicational devices like phone, mobile etc. At previous time people waited for letter, even a week or month. But Now, at the era of technology talking and communication becomes easier.

Science and technology are the endless topics. There will be no any limit to talk about. But we will try to short these topics as possible as quickly. we will covering all the latest information regarding science and technology. This essay on science and technology is also usable for SSC CHSL, UPSC exam.

We cannot imagine our life without science and technology. Everyday it gets just expand and expand. Because every day new technology are coming and old expired. This process will last forever, because of the presence of science in our life and this universe. If we compare between science and technology then science will be the winner. Because without science, technology not possible.

How much science and technology affect our life. If shows by our behaviour. We wake up in the morning with our phone and go to bed with same. Actually science and technology are fully controls us. Don't angry! This is the fact. But that's not mean that science and technology are always bad for us. Sometimes it helps us more, Sometimes it makes our life easier. But this is also the fact that it destroyed our youth. Now a day, children loves more to play games on phone, not in field. Due to this the health affected. Even study affected. And the important thing children didn't enjoy their childhood. 

Science and technology cuts our social life. In this social networking era. There are many social networking sites like facebook, instagram etc has destroyed our man to man connection. We totally depend on science and technology. Even our work, education and many other things shifted on technology. This is the reason we all uses phone, checking emails, important notifications etc, while eating. This is the disadvantage of science and technology. 

Science and technology helps our country in development sector. Basically in the field of industries. India is now at growing stage in industrial field. Even it may be small scale industries or any big industries. It is growing by leaps and bounds.

Science and technology have opened the door of space. Due to science and technology we can established future in other planet. The discovery of new planet and other information in space is just because of science and technology.

Science and technology also helps in the field of agriculture. In the improvement of our agricultural sector. There is a huge role of science and technology. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages of science and technology. The first advantage of science and technology is, It makes our life more comfortable. The disadvantage of science and technology is, It makes us lazy and inactive. The second advantage of science and technology is, It saves our more time and work. But the disadvantage of science and technology is, It reduces human patient and hard work. The third advantage of science and technology is, It gives us electricity, communication, transport, computer, and many other things. But the disadvantage of all this things is, once sources over and there will no any electricity generator fuel then human faces lots of problems. And the last things of disadvantage of science and technology is, It pollute our earth's atmosphere.

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