science in everyday life essay

science in everyday life essay

science in everyday life essay
Aditya Raj Anand
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

science in everyday life

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science in everyday life essay

science in everyday life essay 350 words

"Science in everyday life" This line is absolutely right because science is everywhere and anywhere. you have to just look carefully and observe it carefully. Without science nothing exist. If you see anything happens around you like miracle there is science. In actual that was not miracle that's behinds science. we can easily say that our everyday life consist of many scientific process. everyday we do many things and daily stuff like sleeping, Bathing, Dancing, playing, Walking, running, and much more. they all have science and scientific reason behind them but we have to look then carefully and observe them carefully.

 If we look around in our environment there are lot of science and scientific process behind them but we can't observe them by our simple looking. we have to carefully observe them. many of the thing happens in our life or we can say science in everyday life, some examples are given below to illustrate the science in everyday life so lets start.

 science in everyday life examples, If we are in our room there is all around wall this is a simple looking, but if we observe the wall carefully then the wall is made up of small particles called atom or molecules this is scientific observation. If we look around in our environment there are many things happen like in rainy season the lighting of thunder, formation of rainbow, sound of thunder and much more things.

If we observe our daily work we do there's a lot of science let see how science covered our whole life.
we woke up in the morning, we saw sun rises in the east, here is science, how? the answer is sun rises in the east this is universal truth sun always rise in the direction of east and sun set in the west because our earth revolve to the direction of west to east so sun rises in the east and set in west. If we take bath and we apply soap or detergent powder on our cloth, we feel some hotness when rub detergent on our hand because of scientific reason. soap and detergent contains sodium molecules in it which feel warm when rub in hand.

science in everyday life essay 150 words

science in everyday life Now a day science becomes important for human beings. but In early era human needs food, shelter, and cloth for their survival. they faces many problems but overcomes them and become civilized man with the help of science. Now science becomes a way of life.
early man kills the animals and eat food for their survival. they first discovered fire, they took two stones and strike them and invent fire.

 Now scientist observe many things happen in our environment they want to know why and how things happen in our universe. they follow the process of discovery and make rules. and we follow them by reading in books in the form of laws and theories. so we can say that early man is our first scientist. Now a day many things depend upon technology and technology comes with the help of science. our life totally depends on science so we can say that science exist in everyday life. for example we read this essay on phone which is a technology and we all know that technology come with science.

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