SSC CGL General Knowledge MCQ Quiz Series - 7

SSC CGL General Knowledge MCQ Quiz Series - 7

SSC CGL General Knowledge MCQ Quiz Series - 7
Aditya Raj Anand
Friday, 24 December 2021
SSC CGL General Knowledge MCQ Quiz Series - 7

Before this post we have already discuss about SSC MCQ questions related to Science. But now, here we are going to deliver a MCQ Quiz test in general knowledge for upcoming SSC CGL exam. 

There are four options will be given in a single question. Out of the four options, one is correct and remaining three is incorrect. So, you have to choose one option which is correct. Once the MCQ test series over. You will get the result in percentage. And also your performance report. 

SSC CGL General Knowledge MCQ Quiz

1. Which is the largest State in India?

a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Maharashtra
d. Rajasthan

2. Which State has the largest Population?

a. Bihar
b. West Bengal
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Punjab

3. The president of India is elected by

a. Parliament
b. State Lagilatures
c. By the people directly
d. By an electoral college like Rajya and lok Sabha

4. What is the minimum strength of a state Legislative Assembly?

a. 40
b. 60
c. 50
d. 70

5. Which of the following has not been laid down by the Indian Constitution?

a. Direct election to the lok sabha
b. Direct election to the state Lagislative
c. Direct election of the president of India
d. Creation of Supreme Court 

6. What is the age of the retirement of the supreme court Judge?

a. 60 years
b. 65 years
c. 62 years
d. 70 years

7. The right to vote in India is given to all the people on the basis of 

a. Education
b. Age
c. property
d. Religion

8. How many language have recognised by the Constitution?

a. 13 
b. 14
c. 22
d. 16

9. The maximum strength of Lok Sabha is

a. 500
b. 525
c. 542
d. 550

10. The minimum age For election to the Lok Sabha is

a. 21 
b. 25
c. 30 
d. 35

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