Revised syllabus of physics class 12 cbse 2020 - 21

Revised syllabus of physics class 12 cbse 2020 - 21

Revised syllabus of physics class 12 cbse 2020 - 21
Aditya Raj Anand
Saturday, 10 April 2021
Revised syllabus of physics class 12 cbse 2020 - 21

Central Board Of Secondary Education: CBSE has reduced the physics, chemistry and math syllabus of class 11th and 12th board exam session 2020 - 21. But here we only talk about the reduced syllabus of physics class 12th. Yes you heard right. CBSE has deleted some of the portions from class 12th physics as well as PCMB.

Please note that CBSE has only reduce some of the portions from physics that doesn't mean they change the exam pattern. The pattern will be same as previous year.

CBSE has only reduced 15% of the overall syllabus from physics class 12 board. This percentage covers both Theory and Practical paper. First we will discuss Theory Portions.

So here are the topics list that CBSE has reduced from physics class 12th board final exam 2020 - 21.
  • Electric Charges and Field
Deleted portion:- Field due to a uniformly charged thin spherical shell.
  • Electrostatic Potential and capacitance
Deleted Portion:- No portion deleted
  • Current Electricity
Deleted Syllabus:- Combination of resistance - series and Parallel, Resistor color codes.
  • Moving charges and Magnetism
Deleted portion:- Cyclotron
  • Magnetism and matter
Deleted portion:- Bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid, The dipole in a uniform magnetic field, The electrostatic analog. Magnetic properties of matter, Permanent magnet and electro magnet.
  • Electromagnetic Induction
Deleted portion:- No portion deleted
  • Alternating Current
Deleted portion:- Power in AC current: The power factor
  • Electromagnetic waves
Deleted portion:- Displacement current
  • Ray Optics and Optical Instrument
Deleted portion:- Reflection of light by spherical mirror, scattering of light, and Optical Instrument.
  • Wave Optics
Deleted portion:- Polarisation, Resolving power of optical instrument, The validity of ray optics, 
  • Dual Nature of radiation and matter
Deleted portion:- Deviation and germen experiment.
  • Atoms
Deleted portion:- No portion deleted
  • Nucli
Deleted portion:- Atomic mass, Nuclear force, Radioactivity, Alpha decay, Gamma decay.
  • Semi Conductor
Deleted portion:- Zener diode, Zener diode as a voltage regulator.
  • Communication System
Deleted portion:- Full chapter removed and deleted

All the topics and chapter given above are from NCERT book based pattern. So you must have to keep preparation for class 12th board from NCERT book only. The exam will be fully NCERT pattern.

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