high salary courses after 12 science | Pcm | Pcmb | Pcb

high salary courses after 12 science | Pcm | Pcmb | Pcb

high salary courses after 12 science | Pcm | Pcmb | Pcb
Aditya Raj Anand
Wednesday, 20 May 2020
high salary courses after 12 science | Pcm | Pcmb | Pcb
High salary

In this post you will find the top 20 plus high salary courses after 12 science, even 12th science with pcm, pcb, or pcmb. if you passed 12th board exam then you have a doubt, that is which course you should take as your career option. so here I will tell you which course you should take that have high salary. 

step to find career option after 12th pass with science.

the best method to find your career option is just think which subject you have strong and interested when when you study. do not go to the salary.

After class 12 in science stream a student is looking for a high salary course that have great job options.

In this articles I will tell you the best career option after 12th pass. even it may be with pcm, pcb, pcmb.

High salary courses after 12th science

1. Medical Professionals (average salary 5 lakhs/month

2. Merchant Navy jobs  (average salary 1 lakh/month)

3. IIT Engineer (average salary 10 lakh/month)

4. Lecturer (average salary 1 lakh/month)

5. Charted Accountant CA (average salary 70 thousand/month)

6. NDA (average salary 1 lakh/month)

7. UPSC (IAS, IPS, IFS etc.) (average salary 70 thousand/month)

8. BSc in computer science (average 50 to 70 thausand)

9. Bsc in Mathematics (average 50 to 70 thausand)

10. BSc in physics  (average 50 to 70 thausand)

11. Architects (average salary 1 lakh/month

12. Scientists (average salary 5lakh/month

13. Fashion desiner (average salary 2 to 3 lakh/month

14. Journalism (average salary 1 to 2 lakhs

15. Advocate (average salary 50 to 70 thausand)

16. Bank Manager (average salary 50 to 70 thausand)

17. Geo scientist (average salary 1 to 5 lakhs)

18. Atmospheric scientist (average salary 1 to 5 lakhs)

19. Bio chemist (average salary 1 to 5 lakhs)

20. Astronomers (average salary 1 to 5 lakhs)

These are the high salary courses which you can do after passed out 12th with science stream. these all career option has respective jobs. lets discuss all these career option one by one in detail.

    1. Medical Professionals

    After passed out class 12 with science stream having biology in subject. you have a golden opportunity to get a high salary course. You can take MBBS, nursing, biotech scientist as your career option. They all have very high salary.

    • MBBS:- bachelor of medical science, bachelor of nursing, bachelor of surgery. This is an undergraduate program. 

    Salary of a MBBS doctor:- 4 to 5 lakh per month.

    • Bio tech scientist:- if you are a biology lover then you must go with biotech scientist course as your career option. If you want to become a biotech scientist you have to get bachelor's degree, than masters degree in biotechnology than PhD degree in biotechnology. You will become a biotechnology scientist.

    Salary:- 4 to 5 lakh per month.

    2. Merchant Navy jobs

    Merchant Navy job is the best option for science student after class 12. Student can prepare for Merchant navy even after graduation. But remember graduation must be from mathematics or physics.

    After passing class 12 with science stream Merchant navy will be the best career option. Student can prepare for this job just after class 12. Student should pass entrance of NDA exam, then they can easily selected for merchant navy.

    Exam criteria:- The exam conducted by UPSC twice in a year. Exam notification comes in January or February and June or July. Exam conducted in two phase first is written and other is interview or medical.

    Syllabus:- Syllabus for NDA Merchant navy is from class 11 and 12 board level. question asked from physics, chemistry, mathematics, general ability and Reasoning.

    Salary:- average salary 1 lakh/month

    3. IIT Engineer

    IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology) as a career option after 12 science pcm

    this career option is very famous. many of the student choose iit because it has highest salary job. if you clear iit then you can get jobs in google, microsoft, amazon and many of the big company. but it is not so easy to get these jobs. you have to put your full afforts and time. Now In iit stream competition has increased so much. if you analysis the old data you will find only 1% of the students can clear iit. every year approx 12 lakhs of the student appear in the examination but less than 2 lakhs of the student clear iit. 

    Eligibility criteria:- Student must have 12th pass with science (pcm) stream, 12th  appearing student can also apply for iit.

    There are only two option in a year, you can apply.

    Exam date:- exam conducted twice a year. First in January and second in April.

    Syllabus:- syllabus for JEE mains and advanced is fully NCERT pattern. Or iit covers  class 11th and 12th board NCERT syllabus.

    Exam pattern:- exam is conducted in two phase first is jee mains and second is jee advance. There are total 75 questions. 25 in each subject physics, chemistry, and math.

    Each question carry 4 marks. 

    If you got only 40% in jee mains then you have a good marks. This shows that how hard this exam is.

    Believe me many of the students can't get that percentage.

    Remember I am talking about percentage not percentile.

    Salary:- starting salary of IIT engineer is approx 10 lakhs per month.

    This is the starting salary. Even Some of the people got 25 lakhs per month.

    4. Lecturer

     A lecturer is a person who masters in any one subject. There are many types of lecturer. like physics lecturer, Social lecturer, mass media lecturer, laws and order lecturer etc. After class 12 student can choose this option as their career option. Apart from the interest lecturer pay thousands of rupees for his/her work. In simple word lecturer has high salary package.

    If any student wants to become lecturer. He might be completing his graduation from any specific subject. there are quite long process to becoming a lecturer. Even if anyone want to be a lecturer he should study more and more.

    Salary of a lecturer:- average salary 1 lakh/month

    5. Charted Accountant (CA)

    Science student can easily choose charted Accountant as his/her career option. Even any person can be a charted accountant no matter from which field they pass 12th board exam. like a commerce and an arts student can also prepare this exam.

    Charted Accountant is very responsible job so that they get such a high salary package. To become charted accountant student should clear their graduation with commerce stream having economics as their main subject.

    Exam syllabus:- 

    • Paper 1        Principles and Practices of Accounting
    • Paper 2        Business Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting
    • Paper 3        Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics
    • Paper 4        Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge

    Exam pattern:- CA exam is divided into four phases. First phase is CA foundation, second phase is CA intermediate and third phase is 3 years Articleship training and fourth phase is final. 

    Eligibility:- Candidates can register for CA foundation after apearing in class 12th board by the laws.

    Salary:- average salary 70 thousand/month

    6. NDA

    NDA (National Defence Academy) as a career option after 12 science pcm

    National Defence Academy NDA is very reputated jobs. This exam is held in the three career Army, Navy, and Air force. 

    Eligibility criteria:- student must be passed out class 12 with physics and math. 12th appearing student will also be eligible for exam. only male candidates can apply. female do not be able to give the exam.

    Exam date:- exam held twice a year, first in January and second in November. 

    Syllabus:-  syllabus is fully based on class 11th and 12th NCERT pattern. there are two paper first is math and second is general ability test. 

    Exam pattern:- exam conducted in two phase on the same day. first paper is of 2: 30 hours that will be math. around 120 questions will be asked having full marks of 300 hundreds. math questions asked from class 11th and 12th NCRT book. 

    Second paper is general ability test. In this paper questions asked from physics, chemistry, biology, english, social science and general knowledge. all questions are 12th level based. full marks of this paper is 600 hundreds. time allowed in this paper is 2 hours 30 minutes. there are total 150 questions in this paper.

    Salary:- the average salary of NDA aspirants are 70 thousand to 1 lakhs.

    7. UPSC (IAS, IPS, IFS etc.)

    UPSC (IAS, IPS, IFS etc.) as a career option after 12 science

    UPSC stands for union public service commission. This is a civil service exam. Decision is conducted by government of India. There are many jobs in UPSC like IAS, IPS, IFS etc.

    Exam pattern:- UPSC (IAS, IPS, IFS) exam conducted in two phases. First is preliminary exam that held on June, July. Second is mains exam that held on September, October. Preliminary exam consisting of two papers ( general studies paper 1 and general studies paper 2). 

    Mains exam consisting of 9 papers having two papers are qualifying and only marks of seven papers are counted.

    Salary:- 70 thausand to 1 lakh per month.

    8. BSc in computer science

    After class 12 with science stream, BSc in computer science will be the good career option to choose. if you actually looking for a higher salary career option after 12 with science stream then this career option is good for you. You can get gobs in iit, AIIMS, with big package. You can also become a software engineer in MNC with high salary package.

    salary:- average 50 to 70 thausan

    9. Bsc in Mathematics

    If you are a maths lover then you must choose BSc in mathematics as a career option after 12th science. If you choose BSc mathematics, than you can become a mathematics professor, with going to higher studies like MSc , PhD.You can also go in technology sector like ITT, AIMS etc., After choosing BSc in mathematics.


    Salary:- average 50 to 70 thausand

    10. BSc in physics:-

    BSc in physics is a best career option after 12th with science stream. After choosing bsc in physics you have a lot of career option after the pass out with physics in BSC. You can become a physics lecturer, you can publish your own book, you can go with further studies like msc, phd to become a top level University professor. if you become a University professor then you can easily get 5 to 10 lakh per month salary.

    A Harvard University professor get 16 lakh per month salary easily.

    Salary:- average 50 to 70 thausand

    high salary courses after 12 science pcmb

    If you passed class 12 with science stream like physics, chemistry and math having optional biology. then you have a great opportunity to become rich. just choose these courses as your future studies, because these all courses has high salary package. these are the following list of high salary courses that a 12th pass out science student can take as their career option for further studies.

    10 plus high salary government job courses after 12 science

    • SBI Bank manager
    • CA (chartered accountant)
    • RBI Governor
    • Finance minister
    • DM (district magistrate)
    • SP (superintendent of police)
    • Government doctor in hospital
    • Dental expert
    • Surgeon
    • MBBS doctor
    • BDS (Bachelor or Dental Surgeon)

    FAQ on high salary courses after 12 science

    Which course is best after 12th science?
    1. IIT Engineer (average salary 10 lakh/month)
    2. Lecturer (average salary 1 lakh/month)
    3. Charted Accountant (average salary 70 thousand/month)
    4. Management Professionals (average salary 1 lakh/month)
    5. Architects (average salary 1 lakh/month)
    Which stream is best for future?
    • Engineering
    • Medical
    • Banking
    • civil services
    • Defence Academy
    • Railway
    Which field is best after 10th?
    • science field with math
    • science field with biology
    • commerce
    • Arts
    • Tech field
    How can I join ISRO after 10th?
    you can't join ISRO after 10th class. you must pass 12th with science stream and then graduation with physics and then masters in Astro physics.

    What is the salary of an IAS officer?
    The salary of an IAS officer may different with ranking. but the general and average salary of an IAS officer is nearly 70 thousand to 1 lakh.

    Which job has highest salary?
    IIT Engineer (average salary 10 lakh/month), Medical Professionals (average salary 5 lakhs/month).

    Is 15 lakhs a good salary in India?
    Yes of course an average people can't earn 15 lakhs per month even per year. so 15 lakhs is very good amount of salary in India.

    What is a good salary in India?
    listen a good salary in India is nearly 100000 per  month for better or and comfortable life. because In India you have to pay for you electricity bill, House bill, Taxes, etc.

    What is a 5 figure salary?
    A five figure salary in India is between 10000 to 99999. but In US a five figure salary is between $10000 to $99999.

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