essay on my favourite season in 150 words, 250 words, 500 words

essay on my favourite season in 150 words, 250 words, 500 words

essay on my favourite season in 150 words, 250 words, 500 words
Aditya Raj Anand
Wednesday, 27 May 2020

essay on my favourite season

Here is a collection of essay on my favourite season, in 150 words, 250 words, 500 words, etc. This essay is for class 3 to 10 studying student. essay are written in easy language. everyone has at least a favourite season and the season they like most. even it may be summer season, winter season, rainy season etc.

Essay on my favourite season in 150 words, 250 words, 500 words

Essay on my favourite season spring in 150 words.

India is a king in the field of season. In India seasons changes within months. According to some people there are three seasons here. they are summer, winter and rainy. but according to some other people there are six seasons each of two months duration. they are summer (Grisma), Pawas, Sharad, Hemant (Autumn), Shishir (winter), and Vasant (spring). each season has its own features.

All the seasons are charming in their own ways. But Spring (Basant) has been regarded as the best by majority of the people. This season is also know as the king of the season. Poets like Kalidasa have said too much about it. he has praised it much. This season gives new charms to the earth. the air of this season has the power to refresh. 

This season comes with freshness. The entire outlook becomes new. The climate is found temperate. there is no hard sun shine. The earth looks all green. The tree are covered with new leaves.The morning is refresh. we become over glad to see lovely creature. The earth is full of flowers. The whole nature looks colorful. Every creatures appears joyful.

Essay on my favourite season winter

India has three chief seasons. The winter among them is very pleasing. It is always ful of life. It is always colourful and gay. In this season nature is always charming and lovely. The sun is always welcomed. The weather looks fine and lovely. The plants and the trees are always green. The land is filled up with flowers and vegetables. The garden is always full of flowers. We see many kinds of flowers in this season. The flowers and the greens are always crowded with dewdrop in the morning. The morning is more pleasant. The sunrays on the dew drop looks very fine.

Winter is very lovely season. It is always charming. The sight is most colourful. The flowers are seen attracting 🐝 bees. We can hear humming sound there. Life is always active. People work day and night in this season. Hard labour is always possible in this season. None feel tired. We have good food. We are always happy. 

People enjoy themselves in this season Much. The enjoy nice dishes. This season has many attraction. In this season we wear warm clothes. In this season we are loving to spend day and night by sitting near fires.

In winter season the days are short and the nights are long. The night is colder than day. Sometimes this harms us more. From this season the human life and animal life get affected more. Sometimes there is Frost which damage the crops and grains. But it brings us healthy and gives a new life. The winter season is a boon both to the poor and the reach people.

Essay on my favourite season rainy 

The heat of the summer dries up everything. When every object awaits for the rainy day, the sight of cloud in the sky gives it a new life. 

Clouds gather and fall on the ground as rain. Leaves drink water, plants looks like more green, animals get water and man have a new life. When it rains birds chips and Twitter. Peacock spread their feathers and dance. Some birds sing songs. Man becomes active and do their works with energy. Boys jump and play. sometimes clouds look dark and flashes of lightning are seen. 

Frog open their throats. 🌲 trees become ladden with leaves and plants put forth flowers. it appears as if the world had put on a new dress and there is enjoy on every face. 

Fishman take their boats to the river and catch fish. Girls go to the garden and pluck flowers. Farmers carry their plough to the field and sow seeds. Women sing songs in praise of rains. 

Reverse become over flooded. In cities and town water is seen flowing through gutter. Roads and lanes in villages become sleepy.
In this season people use umbrella and rain coat. Sometimes flood destroyed villages and towns. 

Really it is one of the best season. The country or place where has no rainfall has to depend upon other countries for its food.

Essay on my favourite season summer

We have three main seasons in India. The summer is one of them. Our country is a very hot one. Our country is full of wonders. There is excess of everything here. We have to face extreme heat, cold and rain here. People of cold countries welcome this season. But here it is very dull and dry. We do not feel happy. We feel restless. We become inactive. We cannot work for the whole day. We try to hide ourselves from hot ⛅ sunshine.

The summer season has little or no rain. It has strong wind. This causes heavy rain for the rainy season. Plants Go dry. Forest and Greenfield look burnt up. We face water scarcity in this season. In this season the water level of the river or pound go down. Wells and ponds, rivers and streams go dry. At some places wells go completely dry. Peoples have difficulty to get water from other villages. Animals and beast have to face a great troubles. 🐦 birds also become restless for water. 

This season is not colourful. Because in this season plants and green trees burnt in hard ⛅ shine. Nature looks dull. There is no charm and beauty. We have to face hard wind and dust. But this brings heavy water. It is a blessing for us in this season.

But this season brings us mangoes and lichies. The mango is the king of fruits. This season gives watermelon and cucumber too. But we have to face cholera and like diseases in this season. It takes lots of lives.

This season is dull. People become restless. Hard work is not possible in this season. We like cold water and cold drink. Only the evenings in towns look gay and colourful. The night and the morning gives us comfort.

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