format on how to write a formal letter

format on how to write a formal letter

format on how to write a formal letter
Aditya Raj Anand
Tuesday, 14 April 2020

how to write a formal letter

learn how to write a formal letter, how to write a formal letter in englishexample of how to write a formal letter, format on how to write a formal letter in detailed explanation. also learn types of letter, parts of the formal letter.

  1. formal letter definition
  2. format on how to write a formal letter
  3. formal letter format for school
  4. formal letter writing samples
  5. formal letter writing topics

formal letter definition

Formal letters are the letters which we write to officials, businessmen and editor of the Newspaper. Formal letters are relatively formal but not excessively formal on rigid. It must be brief, clear and to the point.
It is written as:-
  • To draw attention of public grievance,
  • Highlight an issue for public awareness,
  • Mould public opinion

format on how to write a formal letter

format on how to write a formal letter

The following points will help you to write a formal letter very quickly:

  • The writer's address and the date are written on the left hand corner at the top of the page, as explained below.
  • On the left hand side of the letter the name and the address of the addressee are inserted immediately after the address of the sender and the date. Here are three examples given below. you can understand it by separately:  (1.) an individual  (2.) a firm and  (3.)  addressee unknown

1.)  The Chief Librarian
     Lajpat Rai Library
   Annadorai Street
    Chennai-600 018

2.) Messrs Bob Gibson and Sons Ltd.
Lower Regent Road
Kolkata-700 009

3.) The Advertiser
Box No. 130
'The Times of India"
Gulab Bhawan
New Delhi-110039

  • The salutation is written about an inch below the name and the address of the addressee. It must be vertically in line. A comma is mandatory after the salutation. Salutation varies according to persons/addressed. It may be Dear sir, Dear Madam, according to the man, women, business and the editor of the newspaper.
  • After the salutation a proper subject similar to the topic of the latter or with which the letter deals. It is written between the salutation and the first paragraph of the letter.
  • The opening sentence of the letter must be responsive and catchy for the receiver. Here are some useful suggestions for effective opening sentences:
1.) I shall like to order.....................................................
2.) I wish to apply for the post of ......advertised in the...
3.) I wish to complain about............................................
4.)Thank you for your letter of 15th march, 2020...........
5.) Would you please.......................................................

  • Body of the latter must divided into paragraphs. Write to the point. use easy language as possible. do not complicate the letter. write to the point. put you query as simple in  the letter. be polite even when you complain. Use clear and straightforward language.
  • The concluding sentence varies according to the topic of the letter. use these following humble lines or sentences after conclusion. it could be:
I would be grateful if may application is favourably considered.
I am humbly awaiting a favourable reply.

  • Use "Yours faithfully" On the bottom of the letter on the left hand side of the page. try to use capital letter 'Y' for Yours and small letter 'f' for faithfully.
  • And at last write your first name or surname just below the Subscription (or Yours faithfully).

formal letter format for school

If you are searching for the formal letter format for school then you can go with upper format on how to write a formal letter. upper formal letter format described in more detailed. If you have any doubt about the format of formal letter then look down the page you will easily understand it, because below are the format of formal letter in more detailed and with example.

Formal letter writing samples

These formal letter written to the Editor of the Newspaper. lets take a question or example of a formal letter. this given below letter are written in formal way:-

You are Mohan/Soni, Secretary of the Modal Town Wilfare Society, Amritsar. You are concerned about the environmental pollution in your locality. Write a letter to the editor of the Indian Express in this regard.

The Secretary

Model Town Welfare Society
April 14, 2020

The Editor

The Indian Express


Subject:- Complaint about environmental pollution.
           Kindly allow me to express my views through the columns of your newspaper about the environmental pollution in our locality.
           I Wish to point out this thing since the last few months when air and noise pollution have increased in our locality. but I don't. But now I am taking action about that just writing this letter to you sir. The "Sabji Mandi" held in our society twice in a week, due to this it pollutes our locality air. The vendors leave behind rotten leaves, vegetables and fruits on the road. No Sweeper come to the road. Thus the whole environment is polluted. The trucks, tractors and other vehicles load and unload their goods and emit toxic elements in the air. They blow horn loudly and cause noise pollution. Also the loud sound, Produced by the generators, causes air and noise pollution. The religious ceremonies at night, and the D.J's on birthdsy parties create noise and thus cause noise pollution. Also It is requested that the environmentalists should take necessary steps to solve the problems.
Yours Faithfully

Formal letter writing topics

These are the following topics of formal letter:-

  1. Complaint about environmental pollution
  2. The need to imbibe patriotic spirit
  3. Regarding development of the tourism industry
  4. Importance of National Integration
  5. Hazards of rash Driving

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